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I am a local specialist for wasp nest removal in Woodley.  I am fully certified and qualified to carry out wasp pest control to the necessary standards.

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When it comes to wasp nest removal in Woodley, you can rely on my experience and reputable pest control services to address your concerns effectively. With its diverse landscapes, from urban areas to countryside settings, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire encounters a range of wasp infestations that require swift and safe removal. As a local pest controller I possess the local knowledge necessary to identify common wasp species, assess nest locations, and employ tailored strategies for removal. Whether you’re dealing with nests in residential properties, commercial spaces, or outdoor venues, I understand the importance of minimising disruption and ensuring the safety of both occupants and the environment.

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I am trained, insured and a certified member of PROMPT Professional Pest Controllers Register, Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA).

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The majority of work can be carried out without close contact with customers, e.g. rats in the garden, I can install and monitor bait boxes and take payment, without contact.

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I am well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques to handle wasp nest removal efficiently. I prioritise the safety of everyone involved while effectively eliminating wasp colonies to prevent future infestations. I offer timely services that cater to the unique needs of each situation, whether it’s a small nest tucked away or a larger nest in a high-traffic area. With a commitment to delivering reliable results, my wasp nest removal services in Woodley contribute to maintaining the harmony and comfort of both residential and commercial spaces in the area.

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In consideration of the current economic climate, we offer pay as you go terms for both residential and small commercial business customers

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Assured Pest Control is expert in treating wasp nests in your household or business premise. Give us a quick call and let me get rid of your wasp problem immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you see wasps hovering near your home or garden, chances are that there is a wasp nest nearby.

The queen wasp emerges from hibernation in early spring and starts looking for a suitable locations to build her nest. She continues to lay eggs throughout the summer until autumn, by which time the nest can contain 3,000 to 5,000 individuals.

A wasp nest can be identified by the continual wasp activity surrounding the entrance point of the wasp nest and these are normally located between the roof tiles, under the gutters, in the brickwork, under window frames, inside the loft or attic space, in the garage, in the shed, in compost heaps, trees, bushes and in the garden.

Wasps can be potentially aggressive, if they feel threatened and launch an unprovoked attack. If you or someone in your household is sensitive or allergic to a wasp’s venom, we strongly recommend that you do not try to tackle the wasp nest yourself.

Before treating a wasps nest, it is important to conduct a thorough inspection and survey, to identify the species of wasp, hornet or bee we are dealing with and determining the entrance locations. A Risk Assessment must be carried out for the safety of the residents in the property.

Wasps, hornets and bees belong to an insect group called Hymenoptera. We pest controllers have to be very careful in identifying them, as the pest control  bees is completely different to that of wasps and contamination of a bees nest with pesticides may have severe consequences. If you suspect a bees nest, please contact the British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA).

Preparation is key when it comes to treating a wasps nest. The operative must, first, wear protective clothing, heavy duty gloves and ankle covers, to protect against wasp stings. Exterminating a wasp nest involves carefully approaching the entrance of the nest and injecting it with a professional-use insecticide called Vulcan P5 DP. This insecticide is not toxic to mammals, biodegradable and licenced for both internal and external use.

Treating a wasp nest is a job best left to the professionals, contact our technicians, who have many years of experience in dealing with them.

It is always better to take preventative measures rather than wait for wasps to invade your property. Typically, a queen will choose to return to the same location where a nest was built previously, as it is the most suitable spot. However, instead of reusing an old nest, she will construct a new one. If you have had issues with wasp nests in the past, it is a good idea to check your property early in key areas to detect nest construction in its early stages.

Attempting to swat or hit these bothersome insects can prove counterproductive. When provoked, a single social wasp emits a distress signal in the form of a pheromone, alerting its entire colony to the potential threat. The wasps will then gather en masse to defend their nest, which can easily be mistaken for a swarm, much like those produced by honeybees. Given this reaction, it is not advisable to attempt to remove a wasp nest by oneself, as the wasps can become quite aggressive when their home is under threat.

Removing a wasp nest is a hazardous undertaking as the wasps residing inside may perceive it as a threat, leading them to become aggressive and sting in defense of their young and nest. However, to eliminate wasps, it is not always necessary to remove their nest. Instead, treating both the nest and its occupants is crucial. To minimize the likelihood of getting stung, it is best to enlist the services of a professional to carry out a wasp nest treatment. This highly effective method will eradicate the wasps, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

While do-it-yourself wasp products may work for small nests, larger nests of aggressive wasps can be a challenging and potentially dangerous task to treat. If the nest is located indoors or in a hard-to-reach location, or if you are susceptible to allergic reactions from wasp stings, it is not advisable to attempt treating the nest on your own.

The best time for wasp nest removal is during the evening or early morning when wasps are less active and most of them are in the nest.

Wasp nests can potentially cause minor structural damage, especially if built in or near wooden structures.

It’s recommended to keep a safe distance, avoid disturbing the nest, and contact a professional for assessment and removal.

If you would like to discuss your concerns regarding wasp activity in Woodley or would like to learn more about professional wasp nest removal, please contact me through the online enquiry form or telephone 07721 809 274‬.

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