Professional Pest Controller in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

The primary objective of my service is to put you, the customer, at the centre of my business. It is my philosophy that the customer, always comes first and this especially helps when in the heat of the moment pests invade your garden or home.

I understand that most people lead busy lives, so I discreetly get on with the job at hand, without any disturbance.

Before undertaking any pest control treatment, it is important to conduct a Risk Assessment to highlight any hazards that may be an issue, taking particular note of residents, young children, pets and non-target wildlife that may be active within the area and undertake treatments that keep them safe. 

I wear sterile gloves for hygiene, shoe covers to keep floors clean and implement the relevant sections of regulations in regards to pest control covering the following areas:

  • Assessment of risk.
  • Provision of control measures.
  • Provision of information.
  • Monitoring of exposure.

I take my role in environmental responsibility seriously and follow the the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) Code of Conduct, assessing each job on its own merits, before determining the best cause of action.

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Pest controller in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire
Pest controller in Buckinghamshire